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Earth champion instructions

1) Send yearly email to the department about the compost by contacting Mary Vogel or current plant biology administrator. Template below. Contact for the compost program is at Email them to get on their mailing list so you know if there are changes, etc. They should continue pickup indefinitely until we change it. But email them to confirm.

2) Send yearly email to the department about the glove recycling. Template below. Check the recycling bin and replace as needed. Encourage local collection sites (large bags taped to the wall work well!).

3) Encourage "local" recycling bins/bags to help people remember to recycle.

4) Pass on the job to someone when you are done!!

Compost email template:

We have a COMPOST!! Help preserve the environment and compost your materials instead of throwing them away!

YES items: Nonhazardous and non-transgenic material (plants and soil) Autoclaved transgenic materials Food scraps and paper towels

NO items: No plastic pots or plastic bags (these are not compostable and make it really hard on our student composters!) No meat or dairy No compostable silverware/plates (these require industrial compost centers)

WHERE: Small blue, brown, or green compost bins out behind Briggs, just beyond the dumpster. They look like small recycling bins, but say COMPOST on the top (sometimes in faded letters). Walk the extra steps past the garbage to compost instead!

WHEN: They will pick up our compost once a week. If you find the bins are always full, drop me an email, and I will order extra bins.

Any questions, please contact (your name and email).

Glove recycling template:

We're going to have a Kimberly Clark nitrile glove recycling box in the Maloof lab so you should all recycle your purple and gray and lavender Kimberly Clark nitrile gloves with us! We have little plastic bags that you can use to fill up before bringing them to the large collection box.

PLUS if you don't know what kind of gloves I'm talking about, you should come visit the Maloof lab and we'll show you!

And any gloves that aren't biohazardous (i.e. EtBr gloves are OKAY) can be recycled, woo!

A little information is attached.

Path to Zero Landfill - Interested in recycling nitrile gloves or disposable garments? Click Here: [[1]]

PDF File:KC03514 RightCyclePromo-UCDavis.pdf