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Barcodes with iWinSoft Barcode maker

1) Open file "iWinSoft Barcode Maker::laser_tough_tags_layout.ibarcoder", located in the "bar coding stuff" folder on the computer linked to the scanner (Darko?).

2) Select type of tags to print on.

  • Make sure the dimensions are correct! You can double check this by looking at the dimensions page enclosed in the tough tag box.

3) Click on the barcode in the main window, and a side panel will appear.

  • At the bottom of the panel, choose "Browse" to upload your file.
  • Make sure that the file with your labels to be serialized has been saved in an excel sheet with a '.txt' extension. **

4) Once you have uploaded your file, go to:

  • File > Print > Print Preview > Save as PDF

5) Print!

Note- when making your labels- make sure they are no longer than 7 characters long. Also- the barcoder does not "like" underscores in labels.