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  • Keys: Contact Andre Puca (apuca@MIT.EDU)
  • Computer/Printer Access: Lab Workgroup Setup
  • Lab coat, goggles and lab notebook: See the person who is responsible for ordering


General lab etiquette

  • Browse through this page
  • See Shawn Finney-Manchester

Safety training

  • Go to EHS Training Home select "I need to complete the training needs assessment" and click submit
    • Select Narendra Maheshri as your PI
    • accept the default safety activities
    • after completing the assessment, you should see which safety courses are required. Complete these either online or by going to the course.
  • See Shawn Finney-Manchester for lab-specific safety training
  • Read the Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Go to ChemE EHS certification and fill in the day you read the chemical hygiene plan and the day you got lab specific training
  • Browse through this page

Basic cell culture and molecular biology

Equipment usage

  • The microscope has a signup sheet posted outside the door. See CJ Zopf or Tek Hyung Lee for training
  • The deep well plates have a signup sheet posted on the front of the big incubator.
  • All other equipment is first come first served. Read SOPs and ask a veteran lab member for help.

Strains and Plasmids Database

Both yeast and bacterial strains are stored in the -80C freezer. The strain database is maintained using Microsoft Access and is located at: \\OPTIPLEX\Maheshri Office\Databases\dbPlasmid.mdb. It can be accessed from any of the public computers or from a personal computer that has access to the workgroup (see setup here).

Vectors are stored both in bacterial strains (see above), and as frozen plasmid stock. This frozen stock is in the -20C freezer behind the enzymes and is labeled with the same numbers as the corresponding bacterial stock.

Notebook maintenance