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Sign-up for equipment usage

  • For heavily used equipment (Microscope, deep-well plate shakers), please sign-up in advance

Sink Usage

  • Do not leave items in the sink while bleaching.
  • Small items can be bleached on benchtop.
  • Large/many items can be bleached in fume hood and rinsed within 24 hours.
  • Clear all items from the sink area within 24 hours
  • Dry gel trays next to gel viewer away from ddH2O cord
  • Wipe down counter to keep area clean and dry
  • Soap and bleach refills are in cabinets under sink and water baths

Media Making Station

  • Put all reagents back after use
  • Clean up any spills
  • Make sure recipe book is neatly arranged
  • Throw away any trash


  • Clean balances after use
  • Don't leave spatulas lying around
  • Put reagents back after use
  • Throw away any weighing papers/trays
  • Throw waway any trash, even if it's someone else's mess

pH Meter

  • Turn on with probe still in buffer
  • Remove probe from buffer and rinse with ddH2O into rinse waste collection container
  • Measure pH
  • Rinse again after use
  • Replace probe in buffer before turning off
  • Empty rinse waste collection container
  • Clean up any mess you make

Gel Area

After running gel electrophoresis

  1. Turn off the UV lamp in the imager. Remove the pipette tip from the safety trigger.
  2. Remove the gel from the imager. To recycle the agarose gel, place it in one of the two designated 500mL containers (with purple caps) located in the gel area.
  3. To dispose the agarose gel, dump it into the five gallon black gel solid waste container located on the ground near the -80 freezer.
  4. Dispose the plastic wrap into regular biological waste and razor blade into the bench-top red sharps container.
  5. Used electrophoresis buffer can be directly dumped into the sink. To reuse the buffer, leave it in the gel box and cover the gel box to prevent evaporation.
  6. Rinse the plastic gel tray and dry it in the sink area.
  7. Measuring cylinders filled with buffer should be cover by Parafilm to prevent evaporation. Remove any empty measuring cylinders from the area.
  8. Clean up any spills immediately.

Plate Reader

  • Remove the microplate from the platereader after use. Don’t leave used microplates in the surrounding area.
  • Please DO NOT grow (with shaking) your cell cultures in the platereader. The platereader is not designed for cell culturing.