LauraTerada Individual Journal Assignment Week 4

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  • Graph
This is the graph generated by MATLAB from the script given in the assignment.
  • Parameter Value Table
Parameter Value
q 0.15
u 120
r 1.0
K 5
V 0.5


  1. Calculations: Page 1 | Page 2
  2. Although I was unable to fully derive the steady state values for the yeast, carbon, and nitrogen values, there are some aspects that are still apparent through the calculations that I did get. It seems like both the steady states of carbon and nitrogen values depend on their respective feed rates, whereas the yeast steady state value depends on the feed rate of nitrogen. These steady state values eventually stop increasing because of the system's nature.
  3. Because all three of the steady state equations rely on (c/kc+c)*(n/kn+n), there would be a change if the variables were added instead of multiplied. It would also depend on the magnitude of the values, so the steady state dynamic could either increase or decrease.