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Locker Booking Instructions

It is important to know that we have a locker system to store consent forms from experiments in the lab in order to ensure information security.
You can refer to the information below to know the modalities of use.

Use of lockers for new or ongoing projects

    1-   Choose one of the lockers below that is free DURING THE COMPLETE TIME PERIOD that you will be needing it (i.e. you need to check first in the 'Calpendo Locker Calendar').

    2-   If you are a Main Researcher with multiple projects running simultaneously, please use only one locker to store all your consent forms (so as to save space). Otherwise, each locker should only be used to safe consent forms from a single project.

    3-   Go to the locker room (BBL staff room at the Campus) and, for the chosen locker, set up a password:
          ○ With the locker in the UNLOCKED position, pick a code of your choosing
          ○ Put the forms inside (remember to do so right after data acquisition)
          ○ Lock the door and reshuffle the code
          ○ Make sure you remember your code and save it somewhere secure