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Locker Booking Instructions

To ensure that sensitive data on the consent forms is securely stored, we have a locker system in place where you can store consent forms from experiments in the lab.

You can refer to the information below to know how to use them.

Fill in the 'Calpendo Locker Calendar'

The 12 Lockers are created in Calpendo as calendars:
These resources are not "visible" unless you already have the rights to book it.
In order to do so, you will need to:
    1) have an account in Calpendo,
    2) have a project already created in Calpendo and,
    3) ask Bruno Bonet (or any staff member of the BBL) for permission to access to the Lockers calendars.

Once this final step is done, you will have the possibility to book any of the available Lockers for as long as you need for your ongoing project. To do so, you have to click on 'Bookmarks'on the left column, and then 'Edit resources to display'. You should then add the locker you wish to use as a resource and fill in the necessary information (i.e. select the project and the time period).

Use of lockers for new or ongoing projects

    1-   Choose one of the lockers that is free DURING THE COMPLETE TIME PERIOD that you will be needing it (i.e. you need to check first in the 'Calpendo Locker Calendar').

    2-   If you are a Main Researcher with multiple projects running simultaneously, please use only one locker to store all your consent forms (so as to save space). Otherwise, each locker should only be used to safe consent forms from a single project.

    3-   Once you have booked a locker in Calpendo, go to the locker room (BBL staff room at the Campus) and, for the chosen locker, set up a password:
          ○ With the locker in the UNLOCKED position, pick a code of your choosing
          ○ Put the forms inside (remember to do so right after data acquisition)
          ○ Lock the door and reshuffle the code
          ○ Make sure you remember your code and save it somewhere secure


Please do not forget to remove your stuff from the lockers and take it to Sara Bowen or Françoise Defferrard for archiving once you finished data acquisition. For archiving purposes, put your consent forms in a folder that occupies the least amount of space as possible and label that folder with the following information:
    ○ Date (month and year of last acquisition; big enough so that is easily visible)
    ○ Project Code Name
    ○ Main Researcher
    ○ Email
    ○ Clinical/not clinical study (clinical studies should be archived for 10 years after end of data acquisition; for non clinical studies the rules are less clear but it is suggested that they are saved for 2-5 years. After this period the forms should be destroyed

On the day that you take the forms for archiving (should be close to your booking end date), please clear out your booking in Calpendo so that the locker can be used by other people. If you see that you will finish earlier than expected , please update your booking. Alternatively, if you need more time, extend your END DATE.

Note: In case you see that a locker is occupied, although it was not booked in Calpendo, please contact Bruno Bonet to figure out who was the last person booking that locker and contact him/her to solve the situation. If necessary, add Marie-Ange and Sara in cc in case we need to open the locker with the master key.