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There are so many things to learn when you arrive in the LABNIC, so we’ve summarized the most important ones.

Google Calendar

Sign in to the following google calendar (or add them to your personal ones):
     ○ Username: Labnic (for password ask your direct supervisor to give it to you).
     ○ When you need to schedule a meeting with Patrik (Tuesdays / Thursdays / Fridays) => just add your name in the calendar using the 'Patrik's rendez-vous' calendar [
When booking, please pay attention to Patrik's appointments / absences noted in the 'Patrik personal' agenda.
     ○ There is an agenda for labnic lab meetings / seminars / events call 'LABNIC'.
     ○ It is recommended that you register your absence in the 'Holidays & Days off' agenda.

Secretaries Contact

○ Françoise Defferrard (
○ Sara Bowen (
     Contact her to get a new badge that grants you access to the Biotech

Useful Mailing Lists

LABNIC: Mailing list for the members of the groups of Patrik Vuilleumier and Sophie Schwartz.
BRAIN AND COGNITION: News on the Brain and Cognition seminars, organised by Professor Patrik Vuilleumier, University of Geneva.
BBL INFO: Mailing list for the Brain and Behaviour Lab.
BBL MRI: Mailing list for the Brain and Behaviour Lab if you are using the MRI facilities.
NeuroAgenda: mailing list that provides a weekly overview of neuroscience-related events in the Lemanic area in a single email. To sign up send an email to: (
Campus Biotech info: info about local events at the Campus Biotech


     Project Presentation Seminar of the BBL/HNP - Every first Monday of the month at 15h people that are starting new experiments at the BBL or at the Campus Biotech have to do a small presentation on their study. 2-4 studies are normally presented. Good way to know what other people are up to.
     Neuroscience seminars - It’s more molecular and takes place at the CMU.

     Brain and Cognition Seminars - Weekly presentations in the Campus Biotech from 12h15 to 13h (you should go; see mailing lists to get info on the schedule)

     Lab meetings - From 11h30 to 12h30 often followed by lab lunch after (you should go too). As of October 2019, organizer is Carole Guedj ( You will receive emails from her on the labnic mailing list concerning lab meetings and she is the person to contact in case you want to present.

Group webpage

Access to UNIGE services

UNIGE card : to get your access card, you need fill up a form and print it up :
As soon as you receive your access card, you will be able to print, ask Françoise Defferrard to unlock your account.
ISIS account : to set your ISIS account (useful to access UNIGE services such as emails, remote desktop, etc.).
See also the VPN access procedure:

IT support

○ Questions about software available, installation, etc. can be resolved with the Digital Workplace :
○ For more individual request, you can contact Kevin Quinto (

Public holidays in Geneva