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Cranial Nerve Development Experiment

Embryo details

Species: Gallus gallus domesticus
Embryo Name: RC007
Embryo stage: ST19
Staging description: Staged by Reuben according to the Hamburger and Hamilton (1951) staging system. Stage not confirmed. (Notebook entry 10th January 2011)

  • Small allantois (not nearly as big as the midbrain, <ST20)
(Note: Since I conducted this staging exercise Fabiana alerted me to the problematic approach of including allantois morphology in my staging decision unless I am using fresh tissue.)
  • Trunk flexure has disappeared (absent) (>ST18)
  • 30-40 somites
(Note: Did you count them? --MF Kubke 02:30, 27 January 2011 (EST))
(Note: Thought I did, are you suggesting it's unlikely I was counting somites?)
  • Tail bud is curved

Fixation: PFA
Cryoprotection: None.
Material label and storage: Stored in vial filled with PFA labeled RC-007 and placed in a container labeled 'Reuben's staged embryos' next to the dissection microscope.

Experiment details

Objective:To use as a practice embryo for staging.
Procedure: Staged the embryo by observing the embryo under a dissection microscope and comparing its morphological properties with those described in the Hamburger and Hamilton (1951) paper whilst looking at our own compilation of images organized by stage.


Embryo is approximately ST19



This embryo may be used in further experiments as approximately a ST19 embryo however confirmation is needed.