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Today I cleaned and cleared my HK032 which I decided to leave for 48 hours to see if DiO would come through or whether I would get more efferents labelled but I didn't. Have almost run out of possibilities of what could be causing the terrible perfusion rates and not allowing us to see diO. HK032 was beautiful and I got clear pictures of the afferents, (efferents were only faintly labelled) feel like I still have heaps of material to analyse and work with and write a report on even if we don't do any more embryos. I think I will start focussing on the report writing and analysis more now and will collect all of my questions and curious findings to see what kind of discussion I can make. Excited! We saw some really interesting things happening in HK032 for example many axons defasiculating from the bundle and going out to find targets? and fabiana suggested it would be interesting to see if this correlated with a higher number of 'misguided' axons and so maybe it was to do with a brake being taken off and axons now allowed to move out of their bundle more hence why you get more axons moving in the wrong direction because there is no longer anything telling them to not move out of their bundle. Also saw a lot of alar plate cell bodies which are curious and we want to know who they are!!!