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Today was really successful. My dye injection worked and the DiO on the right side even decided to work! Just as I was about to give up on it completely (I still have that one little appearance didn't tempt me back completely). Instead, I have decided to focus on the anomalies that I have discovered in my successful injections so far. I spent the afternoon categorising the various weird things that I have managed to image and Fabiana suggested I use some of her photos as well to back up what I am seeing. Here is a list of the interesting things I've seen so far (I've put all of the photos showing the interesting things into seperate folders based on what they are)

  • longitudinal fasiculation (ie afferents side branching out but parallel to other afferents)
    • I have 14 photos of this happening
  • alar plate cell bodies
    • 8 photos
  • ganglion messiness
    • 5 photos
  • big weird turns
    • 9 photos
  • V1 efferents
    • 4 photos
  • Floor plate activity
    • 2 photos
  • lateral turns 90 degrees from afferents
    • 9 photos
  • filopodia notches and tips
    • 5 photos