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General Entries

Neuroanatomy Atlas

  • New Assignment: Provided by Supervisor

Begin to create an atlas that integrates the embryonic staging as well as the development of cranial nerve morphology. This is expected to be built throughout the summer. To be done collaboratively between Malisha and Reuben.


Here is a list of the articles we will began to extract and collate the appropriate images and information from:

  1. Shigeru Kuratani, “Craniofacial Development and the Evolution of the Vertebrates: the Old Problems on a New Background,” Zoological Science 22, no. 1 (2005): 1.
  2. Francisco Cambronero and Luis Puelles, “Rostrocaudal nuclear relationships in the avian medulla oblongata: A fate map with quail chick chimeras,” The Journal of Comparative Neurology 427, no. 4 (11, 2000): 522-545.
  3. Shigeru Kuratani and Shinichi Aizawa, “Patterning of the cranial nerves in the chick embryo is dependent on cranial mesoderm and rhombomeric metamerism,” Development, Growth and Differentiation 37, no. 6 (12, 1995): 717-731.
  4. Faustino Marín and Luis Puelles, “Morphological Fate of Rhombomeres in Quail/Chick Chimeras: A Segmental Analysis of Hindbrain Nuclei,” European Journal of Neuroscience 7, no. 8 (8, 1995): 1714-1738.
  5. S. C Kuratani, S. Miyagawa-Tomita, and M. L Kirby, “Development of cranial nerves in the chick embryo with special reference to the alterations of cardiac branches after ablation of the cardiac neural crest,” Anatomy and embryology 183, no. 5 (1991): 501–514.
  6. S. Kuratani and S. Tanaka, “Peripheral development of the avian vagus nerve with special reference to the morphological innervation of heart and lung,” Anatomy and embryology 182, no. 5 (1990): 435–445.
  7. S. Kuratani, “Development of glossopharyngeal nerve branches in the early chick embryo with special reference to morphology of the Jacobson's anastomosis,” Anatomy and embryology 181, no. 3 (1990): 253–269.
  8. Shigeru Kuratani et al., “Early development of the hypoglossal nerve in the chick embryo as observed by the whole-mount nerve staining method,” American Journal of Anatomy 182, no. 2 (6, 1988): 155-168.
  9. Viktor Hamburger and Howard L. Hamilton, “A series of normal stages in the development of the chick embryo,” Journal of Morphology 88, no. 1 (1, 1951): 49-92.
  10. C. L. Yntema, “Experiments on the origin of the sensory ganglia of the facial nerve in the chick,” The Journal of Comparative Neurology 81, no. 2 (10, 1944): 147-167.

Personal Entries


  • I continued to work on wikieducator focusing on generating tables, internal links/external links, uploading pictures from the computer and practising some of the techniques learnt the day before. We had a discussion on different licenses including copyright and confidentiality . We then got briefed on our new benchmark, creating an embryology atlas to aid our dissections during the lab sessions. The instructions are above--Malisha Hettiarachchi 15:34, 18 November 2010 (EST).


  • I completed tutorial 4 on the wikieducator site--Reuben Cutfield 20:11, 30 November 2010 (EST)