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AUTHOR = Gabriel Kreiman / Jed Singer
Last updated = Oct 11, 2010
How to use the EyeLink eye tracker

1. connect eye link computer (from here on EL) to laptop using cross-over cable (which should be with all the EL equipment)

2. turn on EL -- no password required, running DOS (!) 3. set up camera -- ~21 inches to eye. +/- 3 inches.

3. set up camera -- ~21 inches to eye. +/- 3 inches.

4. add sticker to subject's forehead, slightly off the center, towards the tracked eye

5. turn on laptop and matlab

6. there should be a note in EL indicating "TCP/IP connection open". this should be in the upper right corner of the EL screen. if this is not the case, the EL will not work.

sometimes there is a need to reset the laptop to EL connection. this is if the TCP/IP connection does not show up right off from the start.

in matlab, there is a command for this. Jed did not remember the exact command, something along the lines of eyelink_reset, it should be in matlab's history 7. within matlab code (this assumes that you are using the code that jed is using within the psychophysics toolbox, this can be tested using the "commercials" code or the "asynch" code) 

-- press c to calibrate
-- press space bar to move through the calibration steps
-- press o to resume normal execution of your program