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William Anderson (K08 fellow)

Julie Blumberg (Ph.D. student) EMAIL:

Kendra Burbank (Postdoctoral scholar) EMAIL:

Christina Chung (Research Assistant) EMAIL:

Martin Hemberg (Postdoctoral scholar) EMAIL:

Wui Ip (Harvard-MIT HST M.D. student) EMAIL:

Gabriel Kreiman (PI) EMAIL: gabriel.kreiman@tch.harvard.eduu

Jed Singer (Postdoctoral scholar) EMAIL:

Radhika Madhavan (Postdoctoral scholar) EMAIL:

Enrique Tobis (Postdoctoral scholar) EMAIL:


Calin Buia (post-doc) || Current position = McKinsey Consulting

Nambi Nallasami (MIT-Harvard HST student) || Current position = MIT-Harvard HST student. Founder of MedicalPlexus

Malena Espanol (Research Assistant) || Current position = Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech

Yigal Agam (Postdoctoral scholar) || Current position = Postdoctoral scholar, MGH

Rajamanickam Murugan (Postdoctoral scholar) || Current position = Professor, India Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras