Kreiman:Howto Neurophysiological Experiments Checklist

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Neurophysiological experiments basic checklist

Add note: “Testing in progress”
If possible, close door
If possible, disconnect phones
Communicate with other people present in the room; ask for silence and no interventions as possible
As possible, avoid interruptions (nurses, etc)
Any other beeping devices, etc? Solve if possible
Adjust bed/pillow/other as needed
Adjust tray as needed
Check light conditions (dim, turn off as needed)
Turn off TV and other devices
Turn off as many electrical devices as possible

Make sure that he does not need to go to the bathroom, etc right when the experiment starts
Try to avoid testing immediately after seizure
Communicate instructions to subjects
Allow subject to ask questions about the task
Present written instructions and read together with subjects or go through instructions a second time as needed
Provide continuous support and encouragement during the tests\
Vision ok? Need glasses?

Turn off wireless
Turn off anti-virus or any other program that may be running in the background
Make sure that there is enough battery power left
Need to add subject name? Need to rename files to avoid overlapping previous files?
Is the session a continuation of a previous block?
Check distance between screen and subject
Make sure that subject is comfortable, that he can reach response devices
Unplug from AC

Other devices (Joysticks, game pads, mice, keyboards)
Make sure that they are connected and working
Make sure that they have enough batteries

TTL pulses
Connect TTL pulse cables to laptop
Start MATLAB Psychophysics toolbox after TTL pulse equipment is connected
Check blinking light on UBS1028 device10
Connect UBS1028 to optic isolator to TTL channel pulses on neurophysiology equipment
Check TTL pulses on physiology recording equipment

Eye tracker
To be filled in [see separate documents for ISCAN and EYELINK systems]

INTAN Device
To be filled in

Labview (for INTAN device)
To be filled in