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This document will show you how to transform a NEV file to a set of
MATLAB .mat files. Each of the .mat files will contain information
about one channel (header and data). You will get as many .mat files
as there are channels in the NEV file.

If you have an NS5 file, or an NS3 file, chances are you also have a
NEV file. Use the latter. The library will take care of opening the
relevant files. Make sure they all have the same name
(case-sensitive). For example, you could have the files


Put them in the same directory.

Once your files are ready, copy the file

to a directory of your choosing. cd to that directory, and execute

tar xfz nev2mat.tgz

This will create the directory nev2mat. cd into that directory and
follow the instructions in README.txt

Cheers, Enrique