Kreiman:Howto Access Madsen Server

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To access and download EEG data, you need to:
1. Click “Start” menu on the left corner of your computer screen and
click menu “Run” in your computer.
2. Put the following path: \\\EEG-Madsen (Our lab
folder name is “EEG-Madsen”).
3. You will be asked to put username and pass. Use your CHB ID and
password. This research computing storage
server recognizes your CHB ID number. Your access level is "read
only", meaning that you can only download the
data (cannot change or delete any content in the directory).
4. Under EEG-Madsen directory, you will see then three directories
1) Group
2) Private
3) Public
5. Go to “Groups” and then go to “IntracranialEEG”. You can ignore
other directories.