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Former Lab Members and visiting scientists (Updating in progress)


Fellow Koop lab alumni are encouraged to contribute to this web page. If someone is missing please add them. If you want to update, correct or remove your profile you will have to login while viewing the 'wiki' version of this page. You just have to press [edit] and create a page named Koop:yourname. By cutting and pasting other profiles you will see that it takes no time to set one up.

  • This can be a great resource for keeping in touch with alumni as well as showing incoming trainees and others what life is like after the Koop lab!

Post Docs and research associates

Graduate Students

Honours students

Research assistants, technicians and Co-op students

SeaStar Biotech LTD/Dr. John Nelson

  • Pamela Schnupf
  • Glenn Cooper
  • Emily Rubidge PhD student UC Berkeley
  • Kathryn Clarke
  • Sandra Andersen
  • Monique Rapp
  • Chantelle Rajotte
  • Jean Moquin
  • Gabriel Yazbeck
  • Stacy So
  • Joanne Whitehead
  • Laurie McCormick
  • Carolyn Bergstrom
  • Ashley Conroy

Former Visiting Scientists