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Optical Tweezers Control Software


To-do list

  • Need to complete the Version 1 release.
    • Documentation of the setup and assumptions.
      • If I were reviewing the software, what's the minimum I need to know about the setup to understand what's going on?
    • Do we have the C source code needed to build the various DLLs?
      • In particular, did we write our own code for the PID calculations, or did we just call PID toolkit functions?
  • Version 2
    • Documentation
      • Why we use Typedefs and what you should do with them.
        • Example: per-step stop-condition settings.
      • Why we use Global Variables and what kinds of data you should store in them.
        • Example: hardware refnums.
      • What a feedback module should do.
    • Define behaviors for each GUI element, and make references to them. This is a first step to help refactor the spaghetti code from version 1. The references can go into the global variables.
    • Testing suite for non-graphical subVIs.
      • This might help define the feedback algorithm behaviors.