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Why you should use our software

  1. Version 1 is Tested. Ready. Now. But only if you use our hardware. (This software has taken the data for at least six publications.)
  2. In the course of writing our own software, we encountered and addressed many questions. By starting with this program as an example, you avoid having to reinvent solutions to the same problems. It took us about 200 hours to write version 1, and we estimate it will probably take another 200 hours to write version 2. We think it will take you only 50 hours to adapt version 2 to your setup.
  3. Our software is flexible enough to perform any common manipulation you would need to do with optical tweezers; it also records the sequence of manipulations alongside the data collected.
  4. A more-standardized software platform improves the usability of the optical tweezers instrument, especially if the instrument is shared among multiple persons.
  5. Our software abstracts the most common manipulations into steps, which can be adjusted without having to dedicate an on-call programmer to the instrument.