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8 September 2008 Lab Meeting Agenda

† Announcements

  • Fall Group Meetings will be on Tuesdays from 12-2pm in room 705
  • Register for CIMIT conference if you want. Irene can reimburse.
  • Register for MRS Boston if you want to.

† Flu R01

  • Meeting still not set
  • Plaque assay. Have everything, will run this week.

† SEPSIS Project/Chip Bonding Issues

  • YES Check if Anlee can do backscatter electrons on new SEM
  • What is the STD temperature and pressure for bonding??? We need to nail this down.
  • What material are the plaques made out of? We should try to get resin that is the same material as the plaques that we bought (JP)
  • We can think about building our own straw system like Fraunhofer's.

†RNA project

  • Stephanie met with Sonali, Cathie and Anirban to discuss experimental plan.
  • Sonali will teach Stephanie Jurkat Culture.


  • Mark finish control circuit (Temp, humidity, pressure) design and ordered parts
  • Evaporation fixture will be picked up during this week, and assembled after comeback
  • IBC for our lab revision submitted 9/4
  • Tests on chips with covers underway
  • Jane is investigating the multilayer design

† Valve Array

  • Waiting for fixture still from Melissa
  • Need complete assembly picture before 14th, forward it to Jaephil for whitepaper
  • Basic software in place

† Fraunhofer: LOAC

  • Still Still troubleshooting

† Biointerfaces group

  • Brett, Mincheol, Jaephil and Hussam had meeting and decided to try DRIE (by Brett) with SU-8 (by Mincheol) together
  • i-line(365nm)has diffraction limiting resolution about 2um at best
  • Mincheol will try the device as we have it
  • Hussam, Brett and MinCheol are going to make a protocol for this process
  • AZP 4620 from Clariant. Hussam will try this photoresist (positive)


  • Met with Sepsis Nurse Tuesday. Preliminary plan for IRB submission at Harvard in place. Target date 1/1/09


  • QQ Model has 30 cycles. MinCheol will try the model. Need to upgrade the Star-CD program. Dan Kamalic has to do this.
  • Dan fixed Star-CD.
  • What are the specs on Wong's pump? More clamps for the syringe. 2 clamps, the secured syringe does not move. It can be set to 4 decimal places for the speed. Harvard Apparatus PHD2000 programmable.
  • QQ get quote for PHD2000.
  • QQ needs to design a TaqMan Assay for the lambda phage PCR
  • PEG results are good but we need to get rid of the primer-dimers before publication


  • STILL Working on a test chip to examine mat'ls compatibility
  • 50 microliter test chip made/ may be and issue getting the stuff out. Especially after the wash.
  • Heiko, Sonali, and Jaephil write their own part in a whitepaper and forward it to Cathie by 14th.

† Senior project

  • New students will be recruited.
  • Megan works on micro membrane valve and pump development as sr project.

† F31: Cochlea

† Silica Optimization (Lambda):

  • Ongoing

hussam's Update
Jane's Update