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Possible fluorimeters

Price quote for Victor series

1) Victor X3 Plate Reader for Luminescence, Fluorescence, and Absorbance $ 22,400

a. Add $5800 for stackers for 20 plates

b. Add $1747 for a laptop computer

c. Add $7900 for a set of (2) injectors

2) Victor X4 Plate Reader for Luminescence, Fluorescence, Absorbance and Time-Resolved Fluorescence $28,200

a. Add $5800 for stackers for 20 plates

b. Add $1747 for a laptop computer

c. Add $7900 for a set of (2) injectors

3) Victor X5 Plate Reader for Luminescence, Fluorescence, Absorbance, Time-Resolved Fluorescence and Fluorescence Polarization $ 33,900

a. Add $5800 for stackers for 20 plates

b. Add $1747 for a laptop computer

c. Add $7900 for a set of (2) injectors

Current Promotions:

Free laptop with purchase of Victor X3, X4, or X5

Victor X5 with 1 channel dispenser for $29,900

Notes from Erik Winfree


being the current spex limited in the amount of data one can take - I inquired the price of a new spex, the latest models from Horiba have the prices below. They advertise a max load of 386 samples for kinetic measurements, and a good sensitivity. Brochures are attached. I don't know what's the status of funding for trscrc circuits right now, but since the price is considerably cheaper than what I heard last time from Erik, I figured I'd forward you the info. Elisa

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Re: Horiba FluoroMax-4 & FluoroLog-3
Date:    Tue, June 17, 2008 9:28 am
To:      "Elisa Franco" <>
Hi Elisa,
The current pricing is as follows:
FluoroMax-4             $25,495.00
FluoroLog-3       $43,475.00
Micromax-384            $  8,300.00  (works with either the FluoroMax-4 or
the FluoroLog-3.


So it turns out that we have an older model Micromax-384, which can I think read 96 wells. The trouble is, someone needs to optimize its behavior. Someone -- either Dave or Georg -- tried at one point but didn't get far before deciding it wasn't what they wanted. Although they never showed me data indicating that it could not be made to work. Anyway, might be worth talking to them. There are sensitivity issues and calibration issues that need to be worked out, and it almost certainly won't be as sensitive as using the cuvettes, and it will be much slower.

I would be very enthusiastic if you want to try to get it up and running, to figure out how to get the most sensitive readings. I would also be enthusiastic (after a little ground work on our own) about paying for a SPEX person to come fine tune it or fix it if there are problems. And I might consider an upgrade.

Notes from Rob Phillips

I would try to look at different options carefully. We have a nice one, though at the same time, it does have some annoying issues about growing stuff inside it and shaking. We have a Tecan:

It might be useful to try out some others.