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Available equipement

Rough list of equipment which is currently available:

  • Small Thermal cycler: Can do gradients.
  • Gel equipment: Gel scanner with attached computer. Image quality is very bad though.
  • Polyacrylimide Gel Box, Temperature Controlled. (Temperature control not set up yet)
  • SPEX (Flourolog 3) For registration on Google Calendars, contact Elisa.
  • Large Eppendorf: Has 2 rotors: One for conicals and One for 1.5 mLs. Limit on Conicals is 4000x RPM. Limit on 1.5 mLs is 15000x RPM.
  • Bench micro/nano-fuge + vortexers
  • Hot plate and stirrer
  • Heat Block
  • Vacufuge
  • -80 Freezer
  • Incubator/Shaker
  • Miscellaneous equipment: Pipetters
  • Fume hood
  • Pelton and Crane sterilizer - small, still working.

There is also some equipment in nearby instructional labs (mainly Spalding) that we can use over the summer

  • Electroporation machine - Spalding or Broad (not sure where)
  • Plate reader - Spalding
  • -80 freezer space - Spalding

Missing equipment

Here is a list of equipment that the lab is missing:

2008 list

  • Balance ($3K)
  • Autoclave - this can probably be shared with others in Spalding. A decent-sized autoclave looks like it costs $10-20K. Jared has one that is out for repair. Chinlin does not currently have an autoclave
  • Spectroflourimeter ($25K+)
  • Spectrophotometer ($??) or nanodrop ($8K) - share with others in Spalding. Check on current spectrophotometer first
  • Nanopure (water filtration machine) - a small benchtop unit seems to cost about $3-5K
  • Hot plate with stirrer (found one in the lab)
  • Ice machine - the one in the subbasement is broken. Jared has one; Chinlin has ordered one => we can probably do without
  • Gel imager ($8-10K) - we have the equipment required to image gels by hand; might be useful at some point to get a real imager

2007 list

  • Electroporation Machine
  • Filters for scope that can see mCherry, cerulean, and YFP
  • -80 deg C freezer - available in Spalding
  • Fluorimeter - available in Spalding, but might be nice to have one
  • Equipment for running polyacrylamide gels


  • Medium/Large Centrifuge (for minipreps, competent cells, falcon tubes) - purchased in 2007; now sitting in the Spalding instructional laboratory