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  • Kanitz A, Imig J, Dziunycz PJ, Primorac A, Galgano A, Hofbauer GFL, Gerber AP, Detmar M The expression levels of microRNA-361-5p and its targetVEGFA are inversely correlated in human cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. Under review (PLoS One)
  • Kanitz A$, Imig J$, Gerber AP RNA regulons and the RNA-protein interaction network. In press (BioMolecular Concepts); $equal contribution
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  • Korndörder IP, Kanitz A, Danzer J, Zimmer M, Loessner MJ, Skerra A (2008) Structural analysis of the L-alanoyl-D-glutamate endopeptidase domain of Listeria bacteriophage endolysin Ply500 reveals a member of the LAS peptidase family. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 64(Pt 6):644-50
  • Markusic DM, Kanitz A, Oude-Elferink RP, Seppen J (2007) Preferential gene transfer of lentiviral vectors to liver-derived cells, using a hepatitis B peptide displayed on GP64. Hum Gene Ther. 18(7):673-9