Juan David Marmolejo

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Contact Info

  • Juan David Marmolejo Lozano

Universidad de los Andes - Address: Carrera 1 N° 18A - 12

I am currently a master's student in computational biology and a research assistant in the Biophysics group at Universidad de los Andes, researching noise behaviour in different transcriptional genetic networks.


  • 2022, MSc. Computational Biology (student), Universidad de los Andes.
  • 2022, BSc. Physics, Universidad de los Andes.
    • Degree project: Análisis de la propagación de ruido en redes genéticas retroalimentadas (Analysis of noise propagation in genetic feedback networks).

Research interests

  1. Control theory in transcriptional genetic networks.
  2. Mathematical and theoretical biology.
  3. Systems and synthetic biology.
  4. Stochastic processes.