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File:1 black.pdf File:2 black.pdf File:3 black or color.pdf File:4 black.pdf File:5 black.pdf File:6 color or black.pdf File:8 black.pdf File:7 color.pdf File:14 color.pdf File:15 color.pdf File:16 color.pdf File:17 color.pdf File:9 color.pdf File:10 color.pdf File:11 color.pdf File:12 color.pdf File:13 color.pdf File:19 color.pdf File:21 color.pdf File:22 color.pdfFile:23 color.pdf File:24 color.pdf File:25 color.pdf File:26 color.pdf File:Ji Ho Park's CV.pdf File:CV KAIST Ji Ho Park.pdf File:Magnetic Luminescent Porous Silicon Microparticles for Localized Delivery of Molecular Drug Payloads.pdf File:7 color.pdf File:Nanoparticle-induced vascular blockade in human prostate cancer.pdf File:NMR relaxation and magnetic properties of superparamagnetic nanoworms.pdf

File:2006 Jun Local heating of discrete droplets.pdf File:2006 June New Scientist.pdf File:2007 Feb Team develops nanoparticles to battle cancer - MIT News Office.pdf File:2007 Jan Clot-Mimicking Nanoparticles Attack Tumors.pdf File:2007 Jan NanoparticlesTarget and amplify Article Nature Nanotechnology.pdf File:2007 May Nanoparticle Self-Assembly Triggered by Tumor-Associated Enzyme.pdf File:2007 May Nanosensors A logical choice Article Nature Nanotechnology.pdf File:2008 July Anal Chem.pdf File:2008 July NCI Alliance Bulletin interview.pdf File:2008 June Materials Views.pdf File:2008 May Nano News - Nanoworms Target Tumors.pdf File:2008 May Technology Review Nanoworms Target Tumors.pdf File:2008 May UCSD UC San Diego Researchers Target Tumors with Tiny ‘Nanoworms’.pdf File:2008 May ABC Can Robot Worms Kill Cancer.pdf File:2008 Nov Illustreret Videnskab.pdf File:2008 Sep Nano News - Hybrid Nanoparticles Image and Treat Tumors.pdf File:2008 Sep UCSD Researchers Develop Nano-Sized ‘Cargo Ships’ to Target and Destroy Tumors.pdf File:2009 March Safer Way Found to Illuminate Nanoparticles.13.pdf File:2009 Mar Nano News - Safer Nanoparticles Spotlight Tumors, Deliver Drugs.pdf File:2009 June Nanoantennas heat up.pdf File:2009 June Computer-Guided Nanoparticle Therapy Destroys Tumors.pdf File:2009 April Materials Today - Nanoparticles deliver the goods and leave without a trace.pdf File:2009 April Safer nanoparticles developed for tumor detection and drug delivery.pdf File:2009 April Veni, vidi, vici and then… vanished.pdf File:2009 Feb Safer Nanoparticles Spotlight Tumors, Deliver Drugs.pdf File:2009 Mar Sugar-Coated Nanoparticles Find Hidden Tumors Discovery News.pdf File:2009 May nsf.gov - National Science Foundation (NSF) Discoveries - Safer Nano Cancer Detector - US National Science Foundation (NSF).pdf File:2010 April ScienceWatch.pdf File:2010 April Sizing up Nanoparticles - The Scientist - Magazine of the Life Sciences.pdf File:2010 Feb Small soldiers combine arms to go to war on tumor cells .pdf File:2010 March Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.pdf File:2010 March Nano News - Nanoparticles Cooperate to Detect and Treat Tumors.pdf File:2010 March Epoch Times - ‘Nano Cocktail’ Provides One-Two Punch in Destroying Cancerous Tumors.pdf File:2010 March Dual system attack against cancer  Laboratory News.pdf File:2010 Jan Researchers develop 'nano cocktail' to target and kill tumors.pdf File:2010 Jan Researchers Develop “Nano Cocktail” to Target and Kill Tumors.pdf File:2010 Jan Nanoparticle Cocktail Targets and Kills Tumors.pdf File:2008 Nov Wriggling Away From Cancer.pdf File:2009 Feb Technology Review Blogs TR Editors' blog Making Safer Nanomedicine.pdf File:2009 April Materials Today - Nanoparticles deliver the goods and leave without a trace.pdf File:C&EN.pdf