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The research in the Biomaterials Engineering Laboratory (BEL) in the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is focused on the engineering of clinically relevant biocompatible materials that will exploit biological processes to detect and treat abnormal conditions affecting the human body. The recent interests of the BEL are in developing novel biosafe nanomaterials, understanding their interactions with biological microenvironments, and utilizing such nanotechnologies to enhance visualization and treatment of cancer, brain and eye diseases. The long-term goal of the BEL is to improve the function of living systems by designing materials, devices, and systems based on biological and non-biological components, or their hybrids. The BEL is an interdisciplinary research lab spanning the interface of materials science, chemistry, biology and medicine.

In The News

* Prof. Ji Ho Park has received the 2017 KAIST’s Top 10 Research Achievement Award from KAIST, Korea (May 2018).

* Mr. Heegon Kim's work has been featured in many korean broadcast news and newspapers including YTN, Maekyung, and Asiatoday (Jul 2017).

* Prof. Ji Ho Park has received the Young Investigator Award from Korea Society of Medical and Biological Engineering (Nov 2015).

* Dr. Junsung Lee's work has been featured in many korean broadcast news and newspapers including KBS, TJB, and Donga Science (Apr 2015).

* Mr. Junsung Lee has received the Travel Award at the Asia-ARVO 2015, Yokohama, Japan (Feb 2015).



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