Janet B. Matsen:Fruit Foraging at the University of Washington

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I love fruit! I pick it all around town. At the University of Washington, you can find:

  • strawberries
    • in the medicinal herb gardens
  • strawberry tree
    • red fruit in a spiky coat. Ripens in September-October. Some people find the exterior unpalatable, but I'm keen.
  • blackberries
    • (of course!) starts mid-August
  • European Cornel
  • apples along the burke gilman
    • these varieties ripen late August to Early september. Best picked with a picking basket on a telescoping pole. Watch out for cyclists if standing on the bike trail! The back end of the stick gets... dangerous.
  • oregon grapes
    • especially abundant outside of Benjamin Hall Hall. Late August? People make jelly out of it, but I haven't been tempted yet because better berries are in season when they are ripe.