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introduction to Synthetic Biology 2008

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Course overview

Instructors: Emilio Navarro, Arnau Montagud, Pedro Fernández de Córdoba and Javier Urchueguía

Students: 20 students from Biotechnology, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

On the context of iGEM Europe organization, we agreed to develop a set of educational materials that would cover talks and lectures to be taken by iGEM participants. In order to test this material on a real-like situation, we organized this course with students from either technical or biological backgrounds. Valencia iGEM 2008 team core has sprung from these student.

The aim of this course is diverse.

  • First, is a way to organize the series of talks and lectures that we think should be taken by a given iGEM participant.
  • Second, is a way to gather educational material focused on people that want to have a broader perspective of Synthetic Biology.
  • Third, is a perfect starting point to whoever wants to take a step on this field.