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Fall 2009 - Synthetic Biology (MRes class)


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A Perspective on Synthetic Biology

Instructor:Vincent Rouilly

Date: 11am-1pm, December 4th, 2009.

Venue: Flowers Building, South Kensington.

Slides: Media:MRes2009_SynBio_Vincent_Rouilly.pdf‎

An Existing Biotechnology Landscape

   * A Short History of Biotechnologies
   * Enabling Technologies
   * Biotech Successes

Scaling-up Biotech innovation: Synthetic Biology principles

   * Current Bottlenecks in Biotech
   * SynBio Principles
         o Engineering principles
         o Engineering development cycle
         o Supporting Tools
   * SynBio successes

Current SynBio Trends and Challenges

   * Building Tools
   * SynBio Community Activities
         o RFC
         o Legal
         o Ethical
   * SynBio Grand Challenges