ISEEM Progress March 2008 Progress Report March 2008

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Moore Progress Report

What Moore Asks for

  • A summary of quarterly meeting including
    • Participants in attendance
    • Meeting minutes (as an attachment)
  • Progress made toward completion of Activities,
  • Any unexpected challenges that imperil successful completion of the Outcome.

Notes for writing up our report

  • Meetings
    • no quarterly meeting yet but three conference calls
    • notes will be attached
    • working with CAMERA to schedule a visit. Tentative plans for April 18. Will use this date for our quarterly meeting too
  • Progress made towards completion of goals
    • Collaborative wiki site up and running
    • Working on review for PLoS Computational Biology on "Computational Methods for Studying Microbial Diversity." We believe this will be of use to the community at large and also of use in getting us all up to speed on the latest being done.
    • Dongying Wu in Eisen lab has been working on rRNA alignment and OTU identification.
    • Dongying Wu in Eisen lab has initiated automated protein family clustering work
    • Marin Wu in Eisen lab has been working on automated protein phylogeny tools
    • We have advertised positions and are beginning to interview candidates for the post docs and bioinformatics engineer
    • Only unexpected challenge so far was the time delay in getting Davis to sing off on the grant. After applying some pressure to the Davis administration, they did sign off and funds were officially made available to us January 28, 2008

The actual report that was sent