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Biology students

  • Adrien Lhomme-Duchadeuil

Adrien lhomme.jpg
Master 1, Interdisciplinary approach to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Descartes University

As far as I can recall I was always immersed in the Sciences and multi-culturalism. Following a bilingual education in France, I obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science in Anthroplogy and in Biology from the University of Toronto. Drawing from such a wide education, I really wish to participate in the iGEM competition so that I can bring to the team my biology skills and my anthroplogical knowledge. I want to seize the opportunity and contribute to this new adventure that synthetic biology is.

  • Axel Séguret

Master1, Interdisciplinary approach to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Diderot University

After many talks with some teachers, I had the wish to participate in iGEM competition. The idea of life engineering seems to me very interesting. To create standards could simplify experiments and all shares. We are not yet researchers but we have the ambition to achieve a research project end to end. Finally, iGEM contributes to the development of synthetic biology, while attempting to desecrate the image of science. I think science is accessible to people that get caught into the game.

  • Camille Huet de Froberville

Master 1, Interdisciplinary approach to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Diderot University

It's in the CRI I discovered and enjoyed really, Synthetic and Systems Biology in a multidisciplinary and international atmosphere that fitted me well. It's also during my master that I heard about iGEM. It's for me, a unique opportunity to work in a lab and to be confronted to its management. Moreover it allows to completely get involved in a project that is ours from the emerging idea to its realisation. Last, iGEM needs us to surpass ourselves. That's something that motivates me a lot : pushing further our limits to accomplish something that we can be proud of.

  • Edward Kwarteng

Master 1, Interdisciplinary approach to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Descartes University

iGEM competition is platform for young researchers to develop their talents in such a world competition.Participating in Igem competition will give me the opportunity to think of a scientific problem and design how to solve it autonomously with colleagues from different disciplines. It will enhance my capabilities to work in a group and share ideas with fellows. Synthetic biology is a great tool for future discoveries and i see iGEM as the gateway for me to develop interest and equip myself in this upcoming field of science.

  • Laura Da Silva

Master 1, Interdisciplinary approach to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Diderot University

While having a bachelor's degree in Biology of Lyon 1 University, physics and computer science have always interested me. iGEM meaning interdisciplinarity: the mixture of all basic sciences, represents, in my mind, a unique opportunity. It is an adventure not only from the personal point of view: working and setting up a team with students from different backgrounds and interacting on different views of Life Sciences induced, but also from a professional point of view: to have the possibility at our study level to take part in the creation and in the development by ourselves of our own scientific project, so means a source of intellectual enrichment, at which I am willing to take part.

  • Mathias Toulouze

Master 1, Interdisciplinary approach to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Diderot University

I am very impatient thinking about this competition. According to me, it is a special opportunity offered to us. Indeed, in the course of this competition we will have the opportunity to leverage our creativity, our passion for science and our team spirit. Synthetic biology is an emerging discipline that has already led to several innovations, which transforms a little more, each day, our vision of life. IGEM is a unique opportunity for us to learn and to excel.

Pharmacy students

  • Babak Nichabouri

2nd year, Pharmacy, Paris Descartes University

I am currently following the Pharma.D Phd Program. I have to do a summer internship in the lab of my choice. I chose the CRI for the multi disciplinary aspect and particularly innovating side. It is important for me to not shut myself away into one particular domain, as interesting as it is, and to be always open minded. iGEM is not only a simple lab internship, it is a pedagogic program, with no equal, and we will learn as well about people we work with as ourselves. But iGEM is also a competition, a great team challenge that motivate us to do great thinks and do better still.

Engineering students

  • Baptiste Couly
3rd Year, Engineer, Ecole des Mines ParisTech

I am an engineering student in his final year of study at Mines ParisTech. I discovered synthetic biology almost by chance during an introductory course I took because I remembered dimly that I liked biology in high school. I never regretted it. Synthetic biology is for me the opportunity to design complex systems using the strengths of life to create devices that "traditionnal" engineering can not. It is also the perfect time to work with a team with all kinds of backgrounds.

  • Oleg Mikhajlov
1st Year, Engineer, Ecole des Mines ParisTech

I'm a first year student at Ecole des Mines de Paris. Before that I studied at the physics faculty of Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. Now I would like to see how physics works in biology. Synthetic biology seems to be an excellent example of the interdisciplinary science that regroups biology, physics, computer science etc. That's why I joined the igem team.

Physics students

  • Ouriel Caën

Master 1, Theoretical Physics, Paris Diderot University

As a Physics student my curiosity and enthusiasm towards life sciences has been the driving force to undertake a research internship in an Israeli laboratory of modern theoretical Biophysics. There, I learned that Biology is an inexhaustible of functions and systems which identification, recombination and adaption will help to better understand life, and open a new era of original and fruitful technologies. Synthetic Biology and iGEM are the best way to implement this teaching. The numerous testimonies of former iGEM participants evoking an invaluable personal gain as much on social, organizational and psychological dimensions, convinced me of my interest to join the Paris iGEM team.

  • Hovannes Agopyan

Master 1, Physics for Biology, Paris Descartes University

An opportunity to work with future researchers in a daring project? A way to get matches in scientifically viable? The opportunity to be the strong link in a chain? To assume our capabilities and know how to cooperate?Take pleasure by advancing? That are the questions that I would like to meet and answer through my participation in IGEM! I want to test my my own limits in a group that strives for excellence through powerful synergies. IGEM is probably the missing link that connects youth and dynamism to the particular world of research. Finally, I see in IGEM the opportunity to serve Human being, regardless of the adopted draft.

Medical students

  • Danyel Lee

3rd year, Medicine, Paris Descartes University

I learned about iGEM from a classmate that also wants to participate in the project. A unique project planned and carried out by a interdisciplinary group of students, both creative and innovative, iGEM was clearly not an opportunity that i could pass by. I look forward to learning from the other members, learning through the experience, and contributing my own knowledge and assets to the team.

  • Kevin Yauy

3rd year, Medicine, Paris Descartes University

I wanted to participate to iGEM for a long time and this year I have finally possibility, motivation and energy do it! The project sounds amazing, work with other peoples, discover new things in biology, do research. Enpowering my mind. I'm very interested because I think that I can learn differents things with this competition than if I do another classic internship. It will be a special experience to live and this is the moment maybe where with ideas of mine and the team could change our world.

Computer sciences students

  • Adrien Basso-Blandin

Adrien basso.png
Master 2, Computer Science, Evry University

My internship's subject deals with Synthetic biology and I would like to do my thesis on the same subject. Thus, participating to iGEM allow some practice in synthetic biology. It is also the opportunity to share knowledge with members of other scientific communities (biologist, physicist, engineer). Beeing computer- scientist, I see iGEM like the creation of RISC processor, an oportunity to search similitudes between different older projects in order to model these. Hopefully, this research will simplify next years' work by proposing better computer-science tools for project development.


  • Cyrille Pauthenier

Master 1, Biology, ENS Ulm

I'm a student in chemistry master at the Ecole Normale Supérieure. Aware that most of the common chemicals we use in our common life derived from oil and because I also enjoy studying biology, I started to focus my interest on living materials as an alternative source of carbon for chemistry, and natural chemical transformation processes. This is how I first stepped in Biocatalysis. Then, I discovered the iGEM contest, and get very fan of the idea of engeenering life for our own human interest. I'm a very motivated guy, loving to work in team, and on such interesting projects. My aim is to going on in Synthetic Biology after the contest, and probably make a PhD in metabolic pathway engeenering.

The supervision team

  • Ariel Lindner

PhD, Researcher (Inserm)

INSERM tenured senior researcher and co-director of the AIV master, has graduated from the Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel) "Amirim" interdisciplinary program with major in Chemistry and received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel) in Chemical Immunology for his work on catalytic antibodies as enzyme models, antibody conformational changes and directed evolution. After a research period at the Scripps Institute (California, USA), he received EMBO and Marie Curie fellowships to pursue postdoctoral work in Paris. His study interestevolve around applying Physical, Chemical and Biological approaches to study variability between clonal individuals. he si an associate professor at the Paris Descartes university faculty of Medicine (2008/9) and serves as the director of studies of the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI).

  • Antoine Decrulle

Master 2, AIV

Currently in Master 2 and preparing a thesis, i was in the team Paris-Lilianne Bettancourt during the last edition of the iGEM competition. For me, it has been a great scientific and human experience. This year I decided to be part of the new team as advisor in order to share my experience and to keep learning from the student and the new project.

  • Aleksandra Nivina

5th year, Pharmacy, Paris Descartes University

I discovered the iGEM competition one year ago, and committed myself to this scientific adventure by joining the 2010 team. Having learned a lot during this intense and exciting work, I would now like to share my knowledge and experience with the members of the next team. I'm sure this collaboration will be interesting and fruitful for both me and the new iGEMers.

  • Raphaël Pantier

4th year, Pharmacy, Paris 11 University

Last year, I participated to the iGEM competition as a student, this experience was incredibly exciting and instructive. However, building a project from its imagination to its design, modeling and achievement at the bench is not an easy task… That’s why I would like to share my experience and help the new iGEM team to go as far as they can!

  • Thomas Lombès

3rd Year PhD at FdV

Last year’s IGEM competition was for me, as an advisor, a great human and scientific experience. I am already thrilled by the brainstorming sessions we have for the 2011 IGEM edition. I will be glad to share my experience and help the new IGEM team as much as I can.

  • Yifan Yang

1st year PhD at Frontiers of Life (FdV)

Naturally, I would be glad to contribute my experience in previous iGEMs to the current team. Besides the science side, I'm very interested in teaching science with research, and untraditional mode of scientific research. IGEM is the perfect model of both of these. From the teaching side, I'm really excited by the prospect of getting to know and working with people from different backgrounds. In addition to that, iGEM is an opportunity where interdisciplinary projects got done by undergraduate students, which would never happen in traditional scientific labs. It's exciting to participate in such endeavors year after year.

Other contributors

A special thanks to the following people who have significantly contributed one way or another to the discussions and debates but are not part of the official team

  • Cristina Acasuso
Master 1, Interdisciplinary approaches to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Descartes University

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Main Page