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Roles and Tasks assumed by our members

Experimentator (main): Laura, Mathias, Axel, Babak, Cyrille, Edward, Camille, Hovannes
Experimentator (punctual): The rest
Modeling: Ouriel, Laura, Adrien BB, Baptiste, Oleg, Hovannes
Lab management: Kevin, Danyel, Edward
Communication: Kevin, Baptiste, Camile, Adrien LD
Side projects: Adrien BB, Adrien LD


21st of June

  1. Wet lab

    Mathias & Axel

  2. Optimization of sequences between Escherishia coli and Bacillus subtilis
    for the sequences of :
    • GFP
    • RFP
    • T7

      Cyril & Hovannes & Ouriel

  3. The ribosome-binding-site of B. subtilis and E. coli :
    • design/sequence of it
    • homology ARNt
    • how much the distance between the RBS and the open reading frame influences the strength of the RBS

      Camille & Danyel & Kevin

  4. Phage X φ 105 and Spc50, λ phage in B. subtilis

    Laura & Babak