IGEM:University of Illinois Urbana Champaign/2009/Notebook/Bioware 2010 Gold Bioremediation/2010/09/25

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The minipreps of golS + Terminator, golB + Terminator in a pSBIT3 backbone, pgolS + GFP + pSBIT3, pgolS + E0420 + pSBIT3, and pgols + E0430 + pSBIT3 were eluted with 30 uL H2O.

Innoculations of the golS + LamB and golB + LamB from yesterday were also made using 5 mL of lamB + 5 uL of CAP.

Verifications of golS + Terminator, golB + Terminator, pgolS + E0420 pgolS + E0430, pgolS + GFP, golB + LamB, and golS + LamB was done using VR/VF2 PCR.

The gesA, gesB, and gesC made yesterday was ran on a electrophoresis gel. A gel was also ran for all of the ligation verifications that were done earlier in the day.