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July 2, 2009

Ago2 - presentation: constitutive or inducible promoter for opd

Biosensor: GFP under paraoxon - sensitive promoter.

p-nitrophenol biosensor: RFP under PNP-sensitive promoter


Arthrobacter enzymes. Co-culture with Arthrobacter, expression of enzymes

Biosensor - Paraoxon

Continue + form assay - Tony

Biosensor - PNP

Continue + replace GFP with different color - Rob

OPd display

-Assay - how to determine surface localization?

-cloning into yeast

-longtine recombination

-Promoters - contitutive, inducible, paraoxon

PNP Degradation

-Express each enzyme, be able to assay

-2 people? Figure out expression, concerted activity

End of Day