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1. Mariana will check weekly that everyone has submitted their reports so we can see advances.

2. Augusto will make sure that material is always at hand (tips, tubes, plates...).

3. Timing is important!!!! Entrance time is at 9:00 am.

4. We need to have weekly meetings to establish reports, goals, solve doubts, etc. The schedule will be discussed.

5. Don't be shy, we are a team and if we need help, we can always ask.

6. Create a document with weekly and long term goals for each one of us.

7. It is a possibility that the team divides so we can work both, with Paz and Miguel.

8. Erase marked material with ethanol and remove all tapes before disposing material for cleaning.

9. Labeling and storage of tubes and material needs to be standardized so everything is in order.


1. Exclusive reunion to check protocols.

2. Try to stick to protocols!!! They are optimized to assure things go right ;)

3. We need to understand EVERYTHING that we are doing.

4. Each one will organize their weekly plan so that we can advance better.

5. Solve every doubt before doing anything.


  • Mariana: Ligation of luciferase with double terminator and transformation of it.
  • Zepeda: Transformation of the inverter of CI λ phage repressor. PCR of luxAB and luxCDE with our primers and the send primers. Only luxAB was observed, but more experiment must be done.
  • Augusto: Transformation of OmpR (failed) and a construction of Pya Ho1 (failed).
  • Jorge: Experiments to extract blue promoter from genomic DNA (failed). Cut the promoter to 80 bases (essential cis factor: -35, -10, a palindrome for ycgf, and a prefix).