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3rd june 2010


  • Enrique Paz (Advisor), told us about Workshop iGEM 2010:

-iGEM Principles and philosophy.

-Parts standardization and protocols: Give to iGEM best characterization of bio-parts, quality is much better than quantity.

-Regionalization of iGEM competition.

  • Deadlines for 6th

-LOGOS and proposal names, for votation.

-Information for intruductory description.

-Microcontrollers could be coupled with our systems for each wave length, measuring and amplifying light.

-Human practices activities for iGEM have been purposed and we will choose the best option to make sense in synthetic biology.

Ask to Chris Wood

How can we get Luciferin? How to measure light in biological systems? Protocols for Luciferin inoculation?


We agree to model our system to test whether if purposed construction will function.