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March 25th

Essencia coli. Blue light receptor. Composed of both, receptor ycgf and repressor ycge. Ycgf, when it receives appropriate light, dimerizes and tackles ycgf away from DNA, so it activates the gene LuxCDE (from vibrio fischeri).

We need the sequence in order to proceed in what we will do: either synthesis or systematic removal by molecular biology.

We will wait to see what happens with this before sending the synthesis.

Genscript has a .39/bp promotion in synthesis, so any other small things can be sent with them before the deadline, March 31st. We will send the GYFP to this company, but decisions have to be made about how to optimize codons, since some references discard CAI as important, but not the secondary structure formed close to the RBS. The linker they use to uniform the expression could be used as an element for synthetic biology (maybe only for proteins where the terminus is not involved in the protein’s structures, as seems with GFP.

Lovtap.- the lov domain has a really wide range of wavelength sensitivity that goes from 300 to 500 nm, but it has 2 peaks: 360 (uv) and 450 (blue).

We need to make a table of parts

Name, function, where is it, references, status

Endeavors for next meeting after vacation

Hector.- scientific abstract

Daniela.- part list

Mariana.- resource petition abstract (non scientific) and protocols.

Jorge.- construct list

Augusto.- construct list

Fabricio.- Biological information of CcaS and CcaR.

Zepeda.- Protocols for constructions.

Amhed.- Wiki investigation.- span, limitations. Essencia coli blue light receptor.

Claudia.- Communicate with the creator of LovTAP

Ilse.- Help Claudia with the investigation on LovTAP (for starters)