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March 23rd, 2010

One way to achive red light is by Luciferin-Luciferase, for this we need to have an LRE (Luciferin regenerating Enzyme). Basic concept of luciferin regenerated


Getting complete the job

UNAM LCG.23.March.2010.RecycleoxyLuciferin.jpg

Lux System

All the elements for systems Lux, will be obtained from V. Fischery.

Now, we are working to get the sequences for all bio-parts and deciding if these parts will be synthesized or getting by PCR.


For LovTAP, there is an analytical Thesis to know how to work with LovTAP, our conclusion are:

We can use that system with its respective properties.

We will learn to study a system which is not 100% effective.

We need

Know if system LRE-Luciferase can work in E. Coli and how to couple to the system.

Search for sequences and details of these.