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Biofilm Track: OD Growth Curve

Obtained ON cultures from ambl at 10:30 am (18.5 hours aerated in 32.5C, 180rpm)

  • Prepared culture mix: 25ml B2 broth + 1ml ON culture for growth curve test


  • Didn't do 0 time reading: Measurement right after inoculating 1 ml staph into 25ml B2 broth
  • Didn't have growth control while swirling culture flask (B2+staph) in 37 shaker
  • All values are way to high than normal: For OD 600; We want reading around 0.4 for last reading point (3-5 hours after)

Next Step: Redo Growth Curve Experiment

  • Prepared new ON cultures from glycerol stock: (3ml LB + staph), (3ml B2 +staph), (3ml B2 growth control), (3ml LB growth control)
  • Placed new ON tubes into 37 shaker (90rpm) at 4:30pm; To be removed by 10:30pm (Saturday, July 3rd)

Growth Curve Experiment
TimeSample NumberOD reading 1 (A)OD Reading 2 (A)OD reading 3 (A)
12:10-1:10pm11.5851.580 -