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Biofilm track

Jason G

  • 2 streaked plates (from june 30th) taken out from 37C box at 8:35am
Staph grew on both plates without any signs of contamination.
  • Indicates that glycerol stock of staph made from original liquid culture (June 30th) can be used for OD testing.
  • Staph on streaked plates can be used.
  • Grew ON culture (aerated, 32.5C, 180 rpm) of staph from streaked plates and glycerol stocks: 2 for OD measurement,

2 for staph competent cell growth. Time inserted: 4:00pm To be taken out at 10:00am (10:00 am on July 02)

dspB Track

Marianne and Vicki

Gel verification of colony PCR products (from last day)

See protocol: Gel verification protocol in iGEM training manual
Gel box #1: Lagally Box: 32 wells --> 8T1-8T20, 11T1-11T9, two 100bp ladders, W1

Table 1. Gel box #1 arrangement
layer 18T18T28T38T48T58T68T78T88T98T10100bp ladder8T118T128T138T148T158T168T178T188T19
layer 28T2011T111T211T311T4100bp ladder11T511T611T711T811T9W1

Gel box #2: Jefferies Lab Box: 20 wells --> 11T10-11T20, 6T1-6T8, 100bp ladder

Table 2. Gel box #2 arrangement
11T1011T1111T1211T1311T1411T1511T1611T1711T1811T1911T20100bp ladder6T16T26T36T46T56T66T76T8

Gel box #3: AMBL Box: 8 wells --> 6T9-6T15, 100bp ladder

Table 3. Gel box #3 arrangement
6T96T106T116T12100bp ladder6T136T146T15
  • Machine Conditions: 70V, 60mAmps @ 60 min, 0.5x TBE buffer
  • DNA: 10uL, loading dye:2 uL

Gel results:

Gel box #1:

File:100701 DspB 5.tif

Gel box #2:

File:100701 DspB 4.tif

Gel box #3:

File:100701 DspB 6.tif Vicki Ma 21:21, 1 July 2010 (EDT)