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Our group has decided to engineer E.coli as a carrier for colicin E7 to deal with the pathogenic strain of Ecoli know as Escherichia coli O157:H7. Escherichia coli O157:H7 is an enterohemorrhagic strain that can cause bloody diarrhea and kidney failure. Current methods of cure for the infection include blood transfusion and dialysis. Currently no antibiotic is able to kill it.

Our approach is to use Colicin E7 to kill the this harmful strain of bacteria. We intend to use our very own genetically engineered E.coli as the carrier of the colicin. We also wish for our bacteria to able to detect the presence of blood and the bacteria before it releases the colicins to eradicate the pathogen.

Our aim would be to control the level of colicin production in our bacteria. Our engineered bacteria should also be able to be accurate in its detection.

As an extension for our project, we can also investigate the dynamics of biological interactions,, i.e. mutualism, neutralism; using our engineered bacteria.

More in depth updates will be available on our project this week. Stay tuned!!

For any comments or enquiries, contact us at ntu.igem@gmail.com