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  • iGEM is the international genetically engineered machines competition.
  • The objective of the competition is to design and build an engineered biological system using DNA.
  • To see examples of the amazing possibilities of iGEM, check out last years iGEM page

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Interested in learning more about iGEM 2008? Explore below for an example of what's possible.

For more info on this year's iGEM please see [1].

Many more valuable links and helpful tidbits are available at the iGEM Resources page

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IGEM 2008 Calendar of Events

  • iGEM Competition 8-9 November Jamboree, MIT, USA
  • 29 October BioBrick Part DNA received by the Registry
  • 29 October Project and part documentation due
  • 1 October Jamboree attendance fees due
  • 1 September Final team rosters due
  • 1 August Team project descriptions due (Late summer teams)
  • Team registration fee due
  • 1 July Team project descriptions due (Early summer teams)
  • 15 June Preliminary team rosters due (Late summer teams)
  • Early/Mid June Teachers Workshop, Europe
  • Late May Teachers Workshop, Asia
  • 3 May Teachers Workshop, MIT, USA
  • Preliminary team rosters due (Early summer teams)
  • 15 May BioBrick parts (Spring 2008 Distribution) sent to teams
  • 9 May IGEM 2008 registration closes
  • 18 April IGEM 2008 registration opens

Want to join the iGEM team?

  • Graduate students interested in advising the team should email ntu.igem@gmail.com
  • Undergraduate students should get in touch during IAP or Spring of 2009!

iGEM accomodations

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Our Project


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The NTU-Singapore iGEM team consists of six undergraduate students working full-time from May to end July 2008 . In addition, we have a number of graduate student and faculty advisors.

Picture of NTU iGEM 2008 (coming soon!)


Faculty Advisors

Email all: ntu.igem@gmail.com