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Synthetic Biology for Undergraduates at MIT

iGEM 2013 recruiting is open! The deadline to apply to the MIT iGEM Team is Friday, March 1 at 11:59pm

To apply for the 2013 MIT iGEM team, send the following to igem-2013-applications at mit dot edu:

  1. Your resume/CV, which should include relevant coursework and research experience.
  2. A list of any other commitments you've made for the summer.
  3. ~250 words describing why you're generally interested in synthetic biology and iGEM.
  4. ~250 words describing a project that you think would be appropriate and exciting for iGEM. This can be somewhat vague or can be more specific. You should look at previous iGEM projects for inspiration and to get a handle on the typical scope. Links to previous years: 2006, 2007, 2008 (abstracts), 2009 (abstracts), 2010 (abstracts), 2011 (wikis), 2012 (wikis). Before looking at teams in detail, you should browse through the project abstracts. You may want to consider writing the project idea in the form of a UROP research proposal.

If possible, send your application as a single PDF (or two if your CV is separate).

Additional information accessible if you are on the igem-2013 mailing list (Email igem-2013-admin at mit dot edu to be added): MIT iGEM 2013 Private Wiki

Please submit your application in PDF format to igem-2013-applications at mit dot edu. If you have questions about the application process, please send an email to the same address.

The 10-week program will take place June 10 - August 16, and will include some optional commitment in October and November to finalize the project for the iGEM regional competition. iGEM UROPs can be part time for credit for the spring semester, and will be maximum pay full-time direct funding during the summer.

Note for non-MIT students and graduating seniors: iGEM funding requires obtaining MIT UROP status, however past teams have included self-funded and students funded by other support, including exceptional high-school students, seniors the summer they graduate, and students from other universities under programs such as AMGEN or NSF UROPs.

Key Dates

  • Feb 7, 8pm - First information session in 56-614
  • Feb 12, 9pm - Second information session in NE47-189
  • March 1, 11:59pm - Application deadline
  • March 7 - Decisions announced
  • April 4 - Spring UROP for credit deadline
  • April 18 - Summer UROP for direct funding deadline
  • June 10 through Aug 16 - 10 weeks for the summer project