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Synthetic Biology for Undergraduates at MIT

Working Page for the MIT Undergrads for Synthetic Biology

Current ideas / To-Do List:

1. Constitution and ASA Application

2. IAP Class MIT_Synbio:IAP

NOTE: A tentative list of materials and a brief description of our safety procedures can be found here.

NOTE: A tentative curriculum for our 2011 IAP class can be found here.

  • General Structure
    • Concepts vs. actual lab work?
  • Resources
    • From Natalie's Email:
      • The SynBERC student leadership council (Kevin Solomon in Kris Prather's lab is the point person, and Megan Palmer is the new Human Practices Assistant Director)
      • The SBWG, who seem to have a similar mission but aimed at slightly more trained folks (Steve Goldfless in Jacquin Niles lab is the point person)
      • The Registry/iGEM itself...I know they're looking for people to help with the competitions grand finale next year
      • The roll out of, which has a lot of the content you might want for teaching newcomers, though it's lab driven so unless you have a bench somewhere, it's tricky to fully implement
      • The SEED program, which runs a Saturday SynBio series in the spring. I'll bet they'd love to have some "special sessions" with you all
      • The COPUS group that has a strong hub here in Boston and has a number of members outside the MIT community interested in synthetic biology and trying to engage in it in many ways.
      • And finally there's OpenWetWare, which was initially launched as a place where the folks interested in this field could collaborate and share ideas. It's looking to be re-born into something useful to a new group of interested folks, so there's room there too.

3. TWO (2) Public Website on OpenWetWare (With Links and Stuff)

  • Club Website: links to resources, our events, opportunities (iGEM, IAP class), officers, contact info, dates, and so on.
    • You are looking at version 0.01.
  • General MIT iGEM website:
    • [A little more general than iGEM] [Check, TU-Delft style]

4. MIT Undergrads For Synthetic Biology

  • Working title for our group. Other options include "MIT Synthetic (and Systems?) Biology Organization," "The Coalition of the Willing," etc.

5. Synbio Group Must Have A Clear Interest- Mission Statement

  • Promoting the rational/safe use of synthetic (and systems?) biology to solve both academic and industrial problems.
  • Promoting the dissemination of information about synthetic biology to keep the public interested and informed.
  • [Depending on how much of a DIYBio flavor we want, we could also talk about doing these things in an open source / cheap way.]