IGEM:Indian Institue of Technology Madras/2009/Notebook/PLASMID - Plasmid Locking Assembly for Sustaining Multiple Insert DNA/2009/10/04

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  • inoculation of DH5alpha n SOB for competent cell preparation.
  • No red colonies found in R+S+I or J+S+I.
  • Ligated R+S+I and J+S+I again
  • transformation of the above. and J+E20 and J+I7 in all 3 cell lines viz. DB3.1; DH5alpha and K12Z1.
  • Gel run order:
  • J+I7(1;2)(plasmids); J+E20(1;2)(plasmids); BLANK; J+I7(1;2)(restricted); J+E20(1;2)(restricted);