IGEM:Indian Institue of Technology Madras/2009/Notebook/PLASMID - Plasmid Locking Assembly for Sustaining Multiple Insert DNA/2009/08/19

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Entry title

  • the following digestions and ligations were grouped as set C
  • Digestion of the following parts:
  • I13502 (E/P)
  • R0040 (E/P)
  • E0420 (E/P)
  • R0010 (E/P)
  • I13507 (E/P)
  • All these were inserted in the pSB1C3 backbone.
  • The following ligations were done:
  • R0040 + B0034 ------> which actually is a part in the Biobrick kit viz.J13002
  • K145151 + B0014 ----> 018
  • J23119 + E0420 -----> 019
  • \
  • 2 Gels were run
  • Gel 1 Order:
  • R0040(U); R0010(U); J23119(U); B0034(U); B0014(U); LADDER; S03879(D); K145151(D); E0420(D); J23119(D); K143065(D); K156011(D)
  • GEL 2 ORDER:
  • R0040(U); K145151(U); J23119(U); B0034(U); B0014(D); E0420(D); BLANK; I13502(P); BLANK; R0040(P); E0420(P); R0010(P); I13507(P); pSB1C3(P); LADDER.
  • No DNA seen in any of the Gels. Ladder was fine.
  • Inoculated the digests of B for miniprep to be done.