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Calibration curves

Absorbance-CFU calibration

The absorbance of the cultures in the wells are calibrated with CFU to convert our absorbance raw data into a cell count, so that we can relate to GFP synthesis per cell.

Fluorescence-GFP calibration

In order to convert the raw data of fluorescence of each well at a specific time point into GFP molecules synthesized sec-1 we will make use of the Fluorescent Calibration Curve, relating the absolute fluorescence to the number of GFP molecules.

Experiment 1

Produce a graph of fluorescence vs extracellular [GFP] molecules

Experiment 2

Produce a graph of Fluorescence vs Cultures with varying intracellular concentrations of GFP.
This will then allow us to relate intracellular fluorescence measured to [GFP].