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DNA construct

This part will summarise the DNA constructs that we will use to characterize the functionality of the colanic acid circuit. The following three constructs allow three different transfer functions to be independently assessed.

Construct 2.1:

BBa_F2620 - BBa_B0034 - RcsB - BBa_B0015


Construct 2.2:

BBa_F2620 - BBa_B0034 - RcsB - B3023 - BBa_B0015

  • Nuri Purswani 06:48, 14 August 2009 (EDT): James: Add links to biobricks RcsB and B3023 (can't find in parts registry)


Construct 2.3:

BBa_F2620 - BBa_B0034 - RcsB - B3023 - Waal - BBa_B0015


Output Data

1) Determine the average colanic acid produced per cell for a given PoPs input.

Average colanic acid production can be determeind by three pieces of information: PCV (µl), OD at 600nm (pre-PCV) and HSL input (mM).

2) Determine the protective effect of the colanic acid for a given PoPs iput.

This can be determined by two pieces of information: OD (pre-low pH exposure) & OD (post-low pH exposure)

3) Determine colanic acid quality - e.g. do the same volumes of colanic acid offer different degrees of protection between constructs?

This can be determined using the data obtained in steps 1) and 2).