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Our Final Logo !

IC2007 finalLogo.jpg

Polo Shirts (Royal Blue colour)

IC GEMs front view of polo shirt
IC GEMs back view of polo shirt

Polo shirt back text

"I'm cell free, are you ?"

Displeased with logo ?

Preliminary Designs of 22/10/2007

Featuring PacMan

Cell Free concept ft PacMan eating a bacterium
Cell Free concept ft PacMan eating a bacterium v2
Cell Freeconcept ft PacMan eating a bacterium v3
Cell Free concept ft PacMan eating a bacterium v4
Cell Free concept ft PacMan eating a bacterium v5
Cell Free concept ft PacMan eating a bacterium v6

Lysed bacterium concept

Cell Free concept showing a split plasma membrane of bacterium

IC GEMs revisited

IC GEMsrevisited on blue background
IC GEMs with blue background and frame

Preliminary Designs of 19/10/2007

Thanks to Cheuk for her Sherlock logo !

Cell Free Sensation concept
Cell Free Detectives - Sherlock Holmes theme in logo v1
Cell Free Detectives - Sherlock Holmes theme in logo v2
Cell Free Detectives - Sherlock Holmes theme in logo v3

Preliminary Designs of 15/10/2007

IC GEMs Logo
I Cell Free concept featuring Big Ben
I Cell Free concept featuring Imperial College

James Chappell 07:14, 28 September 2007 (EDT)

  1. I agree with PPx, think we have to change the sensation. I cant remeber what Kitney suggested instead....systems...um...chassis... not really sure
  2. We also need to put genearts logo on our shirt so keep that in mind when thinking about color printing etc, as i guess they'll want there logo in color.
  3. Type of shirt I dont mind really, think polos are good.

Peixuan Pey 10:08, 28 September 2007 (EDT): A few things to mention...

  1. Professor Kitney did not really take a liking to "Cell Free Sensation" right? I think we should think up of another name, or at least one without "sensation".
  2. Mmm color T shirts. From the information I found on websites selling printed shirts, shirts of any color are usually ok, except for one company- which only prints on a white base, but is significantly cheaper. Bright orange is fine with me :P
  3. With regards to printing in black, again from the websites, color printing and non-colored printing cost the same. So, of course we would want colored right?
  4. For the back picture, we can most probably make it as big as possible. Again, same price for no matter what size of the picture at the back of the shirt. For most companies, the picture on the front of the shirt cost more when we deviate it from the usual size and position (left breast). So i reckon we stick to having it at the shirt pocket area?
  5. There are various types of shirts we can look at e.g T shirts, polos, hoodies, long sleeved shirts etc.

Cheuk Ka Tong 00:31, 28 September 2007 (EDT): Hey all, hope you like this logo for our T-shirts. The design is simple but meaningful. Sherlock Holmes represents the "investigative" nature of our project - detecting the presence of bacteria in hospitals, and tracking the thermal exposure of food. The novelty of our project is the use of cell-free systems. The back of our T-shirts read "Imperial College iGEM 2007 Team". An all-black logo may reduce the cost of printing the T-shirts and is compatible with a variety of background colours as well (personally I like the bright orange colour). Please feel free to give your feedback so I can improve on it.

ICGEMS Orange Logo.png ICGEMS Orange Front.png ICGEMS Orange Back.png

Vincent 06:03, 3 May 2007 (EDT): feel free to post any thoughts you have on a cool team name and logo. As an example, the team name in 2006 was I.Coli (Imperia College iGEM), and you can find the logo here

Lucas 23:33, 11 July 2007 (GMT): Just some initial thoughts to get us going... How about iGenesis or I.C.GEMS as in "I see(C) Genetically Engineered MachineS " ? I.ICE ?

Ben Yi Tew 14:12, 16 July 2007 (EDT): A very unoriginal idea, but IcoLI (or IcoLV if you're eccentric) might be a good idea, considering the restriction enzyme EcoRI! So you would read it as EYE-co-ELL-one instead of the I.Coli last year ^.^! [Note: I realized - that'd make us an enzyme of the organism developed by the IC iGEM team last year...]

A logo in development
IC GEMs Logo